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Welcome to Freights21 - Your Trusted Trade Information Service for SME Exporters

At Freights21, we understand the challenges faced by SME exporters in the ever-evolving landscape of international trade. That's why we are dedicated to providing comprehensive trade information services that empower SMEs to succeed in the global marketplace.

Our trade information service is specifically designed to address the unique needs of SME exporters. We recognize that navigating complex trade regulations, understanding market trends, and optimizing export operations can be daunting tasks for small and medium-sized enterprises. That's where we come in, offering invaluable support and guidance to help SME exporters thrive.

By leveraging our expertise and industry insights, SME exporters can gain a competitive edge. Our trade information service equips them with the knowledge and tools to navigate trade regulations seamlessly, understand market trends, streamline documentation processes, optimize tariffs, and leverage networking opportunities. We believe that by addressing these pain points, we can empower SME exporters to unlock their true potential and expand their global reach.

Here's what you can expect from this valuable service

Expand your horizons, conquer new markets, and maximize your export potential with our FREE trade information service. Join us now and empower your export business for success!"


Comprehensive Support

Our experienced team will be by your side, offering personalized assistance and consultation tailored to your specific HS code. From trade regulations to market trends and export documentation, we've got you covered.


Monthly Compilation Report

Throughout the 12-month duration of this free service, we will diligently gather and compile the latest trade information related to your HS code. Every month, you will receive a comprehensive report packed with valuable insights and updates.


Unleash Your Export Potential

By leveraging our trade information service, you will gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Identify market opportunities, understand tariff structures, and make informed decisions that drive your export success.

Values Delivered

Lack of knowledge and understanding of the specific rules and regulations governing international trade, leading to potential compliance issues and delays in export operations. 

Trade Regulations and Compliance

Assisting SME exporters in understanding and adhering to trade regulations and compliance requirements, ensuring smooth and compliant export operations

Limited understanding of tariff structures, duty rates, and potential exemptions, resulting in challenges related to pricing strategies and competitiveness in target markets. 

Tariffs and Duties

Helping SME exporters comprehend the intricacies of tariffs and duties, providing insights on applicable rates, exemptions, and preferential trade agreements to optimize cost management and enhance competitiveness.

Difficulty in accessing timely and accurate market information, including trends, consumer preferences, and emerging opportunities, hindering effective market targeting and strategy development. 

Market Trends and Opportunities

Assisting SME exporters in identifying untapped market segments, analyzing market trends, and uncovering growth opportunities to align their products and strategies with market demands.

Challenges in navigating the complexities of export documentation, permits, licenses, and certifications, resulting in inefficiencies, potential errors, and compliance risks. 

Export Documentation and Procedures

Streamlining export documentation processes, providing guidance on required paperwork, permits, and certifications to ensure compliance, efficiency, and smooth export operations.

Limited access to industry-specific trade events, exhibitions, and networking opportunities, impeding the ability to showcase products and establish valuable connections with potential buyers, distributors, and partners. 

 Trade Events and Networking Opportunities

Assisting SME exporters in identifying and participating in relevant trade events, guiding them on maximizing the benefits of networking, expanding their business network, and fostering collaborations for business growth.

Join Freights21 today and embark on a journey of international trade success.

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