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Industry Insider: Stay Updated on the Latest in Medical Device News

Updated: Aug 28

Welcome to our blog, where we bring you the latest news in the fast-paced world of the medical device industry. In this ever-evolving landscape, staying informed is crucial for healthcare professionals, innovators, and patients alike. From groundbreaking technologies to regulatory updates and industry trends, we've got you covered. Join us as we delve into the fascinating realm of medical devices, exploring the advancements that are revolutionizing healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes. So, buckle up and get ready for an exciting journey through the latest innovations and discoveries in the medical device industry.

LKL International and SECA MCSB Join Forces for Medical Device Distribution in Malaysia

LKL International, a Malaysian medical equipment provider, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with SECA MCSB, a leading supplier of medical measuring systems in Malaysia. The partnership allows LKL International to distribute a range of SECA MCSB's medical devices, enhancing its product portfolio and market presence. This collaboration benefits both companies as LKL International gains access to high-quality products while SECA MCSB expands its market reach through LKL International's distribution network. With the growing demand for medical devices in Malaysia, this strategic partnership positions both companies to meet the market needs effectively.

Image of a groundbreaking medical device.
Image of a groundbreaking medical device. Photo by Sora Shimazaki

Navigating Medical Device Registration: MDA's Approach to Expired EC Certificates for New Registrations and Re-registrations

The Malaysian Medical Device Authority (MDA) has announced its approach regarding the acceptance of expired EC certificates for the new registration and re-registration of medical devices. According to the announcement, MDA will accept applications for new registration and re-registration of medical devices with expired EC certificates, as long as the devices meet specific criteria. This approach is a temporary measure to facilitate the registration process during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing medical device manufacturers to continue supplying essential devices while working towards obtaining updated EC certificates. The MDA emphasizes the importance of ensuring the safety, quality, and performance of medical devices and encourages manufacturers to take the necessary steps to obtain valid EC certificates as soon as possible. The information provided is from an announcement by the Medical Device Authority (MDA), which is under the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The announcement was made on June 27, 2023.

Invest Selangor and MDA Forge Partnership to Propel Medical Device Industry in Selangor

Invest Selangor, the investment promotion agency of Selangor, Malaysia, has partnered with the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MDA) to drive the growth of the medical device industry. Together, they aim to attract investments, foster innovation, and create a conducive environment for companies interested in establishing their presence in Selangor. By promoting research and development, facilitating business matching, and providing advisory services, the collaboration seeks to enhance Selangor's competitiveness as a preferred destination for medical device manufacturing and investment. The joint efforts of Invest Selangor and MDA signify a significant stride towards accelerating the industry's development, increasing exports, and generating employment opportunities in the state.

Remember, knowledge is power, and together, we can unlock the future of medical devices!

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